Global Financial Services SME

The Challenge

In the high-stakes world of financial services, our client—an ambitious SME with a global presence—found themselves at a juncture. They had a broad range of services but lacked the internal bandwidth to effectively broadcast their value proposition to the world. Their marketing efforts were being stretched thin, and they urgently needed a partner to handle a comprehensive content marketing strategy—from PR to social media management and from insights to ebooks and solution briefs.

Our Approach

As a fully outsourced partner, we stepped in to manage and deliver the SME's content marketing. We took the burden off their shoulders, allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Our approach was holistic and integrated. We understood that for a message to resonate, it must be consistent and compelling across all platforms.

With this in mind, our team began crafting a symphony of content that would echo the client's brand values and connect with their target audience. We produced a series of insights, ebooks, and solution briefs, each tailored to showcase the unique strengths of the SME's offerings.

Our strategy continued beyond content creation, and we also took charge of the client's PR and social media management, ensuring their brand voice was amplified across all channels. Our aggressive social media strategy was designed to increase visibility and make the SME recognised in the financial services sector.

The Results

The SME saw a remarkable 35% increase in overall brand visibility, a testament to the power of a well-orchestrated content marketing strategy. Their customer engagement also soared, with a 20% uptick showcasing the strengthened connection between the brand and its audience.

But the crowning glory was a whopping 50% increase in leads. This surge demonstrated the effectiveness of a fully integrated, outsourced approach to content marketing and fuelled the SME's business growth.

This success is a testament to our ability to integrate with a client's operations seamlessly. We helped the financial services company make their mark on the global stage and built the platform for continued growth and success.

Great content sets the best brands apart. Let's make you one of them.

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