Funded FinTech Company

The challenge

An EU-based FinTech company asked for our help improving their marketing return on investment, reducing customer acquisition costs and driving organic growth. The company had a large Pay Per Click advertising budget, which attracted website visitors and customers, but had an underdeveloped organic search presence. 

In addition to building their online presence and improving search performance, the funded Fintech business asked us to create content for their new sales team to share on social media and through account-based marketing. We were engaged on an initial 6-month project contract.

The approach

AXD proposed an SEO and content marketing strategy to create high-quality blog articles, industry reports, playbooks and worksheets around risk management and compliance topics. The aim was to position the company as a thought leader in its FinTech space.

To kick off the project, we spent a week analysing the client's website performance, optimising existing content, and performing technical optimisation to improve website speed and user experience.

To execute the content marketing strategy, we conducted keyword research to identify the best opportunities to target. We then organised the keywords into clusters before creating an editorial calendar for the initial 6-month contract term, mapping out which topics would be covered and when. The client's marketing and sales teams used the calendar to plan social media, email marketing, and account-based marketing activities over the period.

Next, we worked with the client, writing and designing insights and infographics that were both informative and functional. The client's sector knowledge supported our technical writing expertise. We published the articles and posts on the client's website, with the playbooks and worksheets shared by the company's sales team with high value and high potential targets across social media and other online channels.

The results

The content marketing strategy delivered by AXD successfully attracted website visitors and new leads from month three of the project. Over the six-month contract, we tripled the client's organic website traffic. Through organic traffic and account-based marketing, the project generated an immediate return on investment with the sales value of several multiples of the project cost. The client was so pleased with the results that they extended AXD's contract for twelve months.

This case study shows how AXD's content marketing strategy can help to attract website visitors and generate leads for an already successful tech company. The results demonstrate how high-quality content can impact a business's bottom line and improve returns from marketing investment. 

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