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Big tech has spent a penny or two finding the best sales strategies.
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Become known for solving major industry challenges and empower sales team success

Tech giants excel in using written content to address the concerns of their market. When prospects are considering a product or partnership, they naturally have questions. While personal interactions from sales teams can make a difference, leading tech companies often go a step further. They offer clear, well-structured and highly researched content like solution briefs, ebooks, and infographics that solve industry challenges and clearly communicate the value of a product/service. By generously sharing these valuable resources with prospects, the dialogue continues, making sales more straightforward.  

AXD’s content strategy perfectly positions your business; forges a reputation as an expert partner; and builds the relationships that lead to revenue, target achievement and business growth.

The impacts

Establish industry leadership

Convert more leads & sales

Strengthen brand reputation

Empower sales team success

Content that resonates with senior business leaders

AXD utilises the successful content strategies of the industry giants. Our content captures buyer attention by presenting the latest market data and research and showcasing tangible solutions. Under our expertise, your content doesn't just get read; it resonates, positioning your brand as a knowledgeable authority and solution in your competitive marketplace.

Our diverse team of experts produce content that provides a distinct advantage, designed to encourage deeper conversations, solidify lasting relationships, and nurture customer loyalty.

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Leverage the No.1 B2B sales strategy

Adopt the strategies utilised by big tech to build and maintain trust while reducing perceived risk for buyers. This approach will help your sales team consistently meet their quota, quarter after quarter.

Our clients experience up to a 30% increase in sales within 12 months of using our sales content.

Work with the best sales toolkit

Accelerate the training of new starters and existing sales reps using user-friendly playbooks and scripts and give your team the market, product, and service knowledge they need to perform.

Our clients report up to a 50% reduction in onboarding time for new reps, saving up to £15,000 per hire.

Roll out a winning formula

Add quality and consistency to your sales content and streamline sales rep research and communication. Equip reps with insightful, high-quality sales materials and a proven playbook to maximise their time with prospects.

Our clients achieve an 85% success rate in sales target achievement.

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