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Give them the sales documents & plays they need to succeed.

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What's holding your sales team back?

Uninformed prospects and underperforming sales reps lead to unfulfilled potential

Let’s face it, business development is complex. Prospecting is a constant challenge, with 44% of outreach failing to make it past one contact attempt. New reps typically take 10 months to reach full productivity, costing a business over £30,000 on average. While ineffective selling frustrates, with 58% of buyers finding reps unprepared.

The result is missed opportunities, untapped market potential, and lost revenue, with many organisations lacking the sales infrastructure, efficient processes, and strategy for success.

Only 12% of sales reps are happy with their cold lead conversion

42% of new sales reps lack skills and knowledge

Teams with defined sales processes grow 18% faster

Cold lead conversion

Most B2B sales cycles are lengthy, and studies show engaging a prospect takes 8 contacts, on average. Your team needs a proven method to break through.
  • How do your sales reps engage prospects?
  • Do your sales reps follow up enough?
  • What value do your sales reps offer prospects in follow ups?

Sales learning & development

B2B buyers are knowledgeable and often require custom solutions. 82% feel underwhelmed by the support they receive. Your team needs the know-how to demonstrate understanding and deliver solutions.
  • What resources do your sales reps have to learn and develop? E.g. factsheets, ebooks, solution briefs, Sales battlecards, scripts, playbooks
  • What resources do your sales reps have to inform and educate prospects?
  • How do you ensure your sales reps have the latest market and product knowledge?

Clear sales processes

B2B markets are competitive; your sales team needs an edge to stand out. Research shows sales playbooks increase sales target attainment by 25%. Give your team the sales infrastructure and tools for success.
  • Do you know why your leading sales reps are the top performers?
  • Do other reps have access to that knowledge?
  • What sales materials are available to your reps, and do they know where to find them?

Turn your sales team into a closing machine...

With a proven sales playbook, content and templates

Sharpen your sales performance with a complete B2B sales toolkit, proven to work and tailored to your business. From ice-breaking infographics to engaging email outreach templates, clever cold call sales scripts to persuasive pitch decks, our sales content will make your business development market-leading and help your sales team pull prospects through every stage of the funnel, from awareness to decision.

See your customer acquisition cost drop and your revenue soar

Fast-track performance for new starters

Standardise sales success across your whole team

Leverage the No.1 B2B sales strategy

Adopt the strategies utilised by big tech to build and maintain trust while reducing perceived risk for buyers. This approach will help your sales team consistently meet their quota, quarter after quarter.

Our clients experience up to a 30% increase in sales within 12 months of using our sales content.

Work with the best sales toolkit

Accelerate the training of new starters and existing sales reps using user-friendly playbooks and scripts and give your team the market, product, and service knowledge they need to perform.

Our clients report up to a 50% reduction in onboarding time for new reps, saving up to £15,000 per hire.

Roll out a winning formula

Add quality and consistency to your sales content and streamline sales rep research and communication. Equip reps with insightful, high-quality sales materials and a proven playbook to maximise their time with prospects.

Our clients achieve an 85% success rate in sales target attainment.

Give your sales team something to shout about

The tools to help you deliver big for your business

We build S&P500-standard sales collateral that’s ready to go, out of the box – not in a month, quarter, or year, but within a week or two to help you hit quotas ASAP. Get more contact hits, conversations and sales conversions with content developed by business development experts with experience leading teams to deals from $1k to $1m+. Our sales enablement strategy is taken from some of the biggest brands in tech, so you know it measures up. Packed with your industry insights and optimised for success in a proven playbook, your new sales content will help your team build genuine relationships, share valuable intelligence to support your target audience's goals and position your service as the go-to solution.

Maximise your sales performance

With tailored, ready-to-use resources, templates, a playbook, and a contact plan for your sales team.

Adopt a proven sales formula

Reduce your marketing and sales costs and enjoy a high ROI by skipping the steps and costs of learning how to build winning content.

Build relationships and close sales

Give your reps the content to communicate with confidence. Boost sales volume, quality and conversions.

A playbook, sales content & templates

  • Infographics
  • Flyers
  • Guides
  • Solution briefs
  • Battlecards
  • Success stories
  • One-pagers
  • Leaflets
  • eBooks
  • Sales pitch decks
  • Sales call scripts
  • Insights articles
  • Factsheets
  • Brochures
  • Whitepapers
  • Comparison sheets
  • Objection guides
  • Sales tools

All packaged with email and outreach templates in a B2B sales playbook written for your business.

The benefits

Fast access to high-quality sales resources

Proven sales templates and scripts

Customised sales playbook

More sales contacts

More sales conversations

More sales conversions

An example sales play

Here's a sales play project we completed for Affinity Group. The content below was delivered with a sales playbook, outbound call script and 5x email templates.

A sales infographic

A short sales two-pager

An informative guide

A sales solution brief

A promotional video

Our packages

A plan that works for you.

One Taster Pilot

Demonstrate the effectiveness of sales content with your first sales infographic and outreach templates.

The sales content:

  • 1x sales infographic
  • 1x outbound sales call script
  • 1x outbound email templates/LinkedIn messages


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One Sales Play

Set up your sales team for success with a strategic sales play & outreach templates.

What's included:

  • 1x sales infographic
  • 1x sales two-pager
  • 1x informative guide
  • 1x sales solution brief
  • 1x promotional video (30-60 secs)
  • 1x outbound sales call script
  • 5x outbound email templates/LinkedIn messages


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Custom Package

Build the foundations for long-term success with customised sales content, tools and templates.

What's included:

We can work together to create a custom package comprising...

  • Infographics, One-Pagers, Factsheets
  • Flyers, Leaflets, Brochures
  • Guides, eBooks, Whitepapers
  • Solution Briefs, Sales pitch decks, Comparison Sheets
  • Battlecards, Sales call scripts, Objection guides
  • Success stories, Insights articles, sales tools


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Why do I need sales content?

Sales content is crucial because it equips your sales team with the necessary tools and information to engage prospects effectively. High-quality sales content supports your team in overcoming objections, answering questions, and demonstrating the value of your product or service. It enables a more informed and persuasive sales approach, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

What sales content do you create?

We create a comprehensive range of sales content designed to address every stage of the sales process. This includes infographics, factsheets, eBooks, battlecards, comparison sheets, guides, flyers, whitepapers, solution briefs, brochures, sales scripts, sales pitch documents, insights articles, objection guides, success stories, and custom email and outreach templates. Each piece of content is tailored to support your sales team in building relationships, educating prospects, and closing sales.

What industries do you specialise in?

Our expertise is geared towards supporting companies operating within the B2B sector, ranging from SMEs to enterprise-level organisations. We have a proven track record of creating impactful sales content for diverse clients, from startups to some of the largest global corporations. While we boast a broad spectrum of industry knowledge, our core competencies lie in sectors such as SaaS, technology, finance, education, and product- and service-based businesses. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each industry, ensuring that the sales content we develop is effective, resonates with the target audience, and aligns with the latest industry trends and insights.

What guidance do you provide for our sales team?

We provide comprehensive guidance to ensure your sales team can utilise the sales content effectively. This includes training on how to use the materials in various sales scenarios, tips for follow-up strategies, and best practices for engaging prospects. We aim to empower your sales reps with knowledge and confidence to maximise their use of the sales content, enhancing their productivity and success rates.

How do you ensure the sales content remains up-to-date?

We regularly review and update the sales content to ensure it reflects the latest market trends, product developments, and sales methodologies. This process involves continuously collecting customer feedback and analysing sales performance data to identify areas for improvement. Our commitment to maintaining the most effective sales content ensures your sales team always has access to relevant and effective tools.

What support do you offer post-implementation?

Post-implementation, we offer ongoing support to help you maximise the impact of the sales content. This includes periodic reviews of the content's effectiveness, updates based on feedback and changing market conditions, and additional training as needed. Our support team is always available to answer questions, provide advice, and assist with any challenges your sales team may face in using the content.

Great content sets the best brands apart. Let's make you one of them.

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