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Stop driving your Cost of Acquisition up with Pay Per Click advertising. Get more leads & sales with our expert SEO and content marketing.

SEO & Content Marketing FROM Technical Writers

We build a scalable lead funnel for your SaaS or Tech business

Website traffic is nice, but we know conversions are King. Our clients achieve an average of 200% lead growth in our first year of service.

Our search engine optimisation uses proven techniques to help you climb Google, and stay there. Through creating high-quality, engaging content, we help you drive traffic to your website, grow your follower community, and generate quality leads.

Unlike PPC advertising, where spending money drives up future acquisition costs, returns from search engine optimisation compound with time as we build your website relevancy & authority. This makes search marketing a sustainable long-term growth strategy and a necessity for all growth-hungry companies.

Our flexible packages include website optimisation, technical content writing, content distribution, link building, & more, all delivered by our team of SaaS & tech experts.

UK Service


1,000 +

1st Page Google Ranks

100,000 +

Visitors Attracted

2,000 +

Leads Generated

uk-based Content experts

Let's double your organic leads in 12 months

We're a Manchester-based SEO agency and we have worked with high-growth SaaS, technology, and professional service companies. We continually outrank and outperform enterprise organisations, beating big-budget marketing teams in search results for high-intent keywords.

Working with AXD you will get...

• Experience

Our team has helped hundreds of organisations improve organic search rankings and increase revenue through content marketing.

• Expertise

We are a team of software and technology experts. We specialise in making complex B2B products/services easy to discern for English-speaking audiences.

• Instant resource

Great SEO is time-consuming. Our team of UK-based SEO experts is on hand to take on your project in a flash.


Our Approach


Strategy development

We will dive into your market, identify your target audience, and create a winning strategy. Plus, we'll provide an SEO audit to give you a view of your search performance & opportunities for improvement. We’ll set clear objectives and create a 3-month plan filled with website optimisation, engaging content ideas and social posts, and a plan for earning white hat links to boost your website domain authority.


We build the right content

We'll write, design, and publish engaging, search-friendly content that will bring more visitors to your website. We are experts at writing highly technical content and specialise in supporting international clients targeting the English-speaking world. We do blog writing, newsletters, web pages, infographics, and social media. Our content is designed to position you as an industry thought-leader.


We manage the distribution

We’ll spread your content far and wide using HARO (Help A Reporter Out) & white hat link building techniques. We’ll go the extra mile with distribution, finding your market influencers & writing engaging outreach to earn website links. We’ll make sure your content is search engine optimised with great user experience, so new website visitors can be identified & engaged.


We set you up for the long-term

We'll continue to plan and write content, bringing leads into your business. We'll provide monthly reports tracking website traffic, content performance, reach, engagement and conversions. We'll measure performance against the objectives, find out what works quickly and set you up for the long-term with a sustainable, scalable inbound lead source.

Our SEO & Content Packages

£995 per month

• 5000 words of SEO content per month minimum
• 4 articles written by a UK-based technical writer every month
• 8 social media posts per month
• Includes SEO content planning

Our Start package includes SEO strategy, 4 SEO content pieces per month, and 8 social media posts designed and written. It's everything you need to start outranking competitors, increasing website traffic, generating more leads, & lowering your Customer Acquisition Costs.

SEO audit & keyword research
SEO strategy
4 SEO content pieces - e.g. articles, insights
Content graphic design
Social post creation - 8 social media posts

£1995 per month

• 10,000 words of SEO content per month minimum
• 8 articles written by a UK-based technical writer every month
• 16 social media posts per month
• 2 hours of technical SEO per month
• Includes SEO content planning

Our Scale package includes 10,000 of UK written content, with 8 articles and insights per month. The package also includes SEO strategy, technical SEO optimisation and the design and writing of 16 social media posts.

SEO audit & keyword research
SEO strategy
8 SEO content pieces - e.g. articles, insights
Content graphic design
Social post creation - 16 social media posts
2 hours of technical website optimisation

£3995 per month

• 18,000 words of SEO content per month minimum
• 11 articles written by UK-based technical writers per month
• 1 technical whitepaper per month
• 22 social media posts per month
• 8 hours of technical SEO per month
• 1 HARO high domain authority link per month
• Includes SEO content planning

Our Summit package is the ultimate way to boost your search engine rankings. It includes SEO strategy, 11 articles, insights, guest blogs, & 1 technical whitepaper every month, technical website optimisation & link building, plus HARO link building, and 25 social media posts designed and written.

SEO audit & keyword research
SEO strategy
11 SEO content pieces -
e.g. articles, insights, guest blogging
1 Technical whitepaper
Content graphic design
Social post creation - 22 social media posts
8 hours of technical website optimisation & link building
Minimum of 1 DR40+ HARO link per month

Prices are quoted in Great British Pounds and exclude VAT. Minimum contract length 3 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our SEO Package FAQs

What is the impact of our SEO service?

• Better search visibility
• Increased lead generation
• More referral traffic
• Bigger social community
• Stronger customer relationships
• Better ROI from your current content

Who is it for?

• Companies looking to increase lead generation
• Companies looking to build or grow their online community
• Companies looking to establish thought leadership
• Leaders with a desire to grow their personal brand
• Companies looking to develop brand partnerships
• Companies that want experienced content writers without recruiting
• Companies that are looking to create engaging customer success stories
• Companies that want SaaS and technology specialists leading their digital growth
• Companies that are looking for a cost-effective investment that produces a clear ROI
• Companies that want to make marketing efficiencies and still achieve results

How do I get started?

• Get in touch with us by phone on 0161 528 0788, or
• Jump on a quick call to discuss your current content and social setup and how we can help.
• We’ll put a quick proposal together detailing our services, the impacts, and how much it will cost.
• Once we get the green light, we’ll send a project timeline and introduce you to our team. We'll then get started on making your content marketing market-leading.

Why work with AXD?

• Time reclamation - Give you back the time to manage your business as we'll take care of marketing
• Save money - Our services are more cost-effective than hiring another marketing team member, especially with our experience - you get more for your money
• Senior marketing expertise - We're sales and marketing experts for anything SaaS and Tech
• AXD V - we have developed a proven marketing playbook to follow to help you grow your business

Where are you based?

We have an office in Manchester's Northern Quarter, and our team is located across the United Kingdom and Isle of Man.

General Search Engine Optimisation FAQs

How does SEO help my business?

Most studies find 60%-70% of search traffic will visit one of the top 3 Search Engine Results Page (SERP) listings, while the average click-through-rate (CTR) for the top spot is over 36%. Therefore, if you are not in the top 3 for your relevant search terms, you are losing out on possible leads, potentially to your competitors.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps you reach those top 3 spots. It involves identifying & targeting relevant keywords, writing great content, optimising website user experience, and earning whitehat backlinks from highly reputable websites.

It is a process that sets a business up for the long-term as returns compound over time - the more visitors your site gets, the more authority your domain has, and the harder it will be for your competition to close the gap. It is a process of spending time now to set your business up for long-term growth.

How long will SEO take to achieve results?

With effective SEO, you should see results within 6 to 12 months. Results should include a measurable increase in traffic, conversions, and leads generated.

SEO is a journey, meaning there will still be goals to achieve beyond 6 to 12 months, but there is usually enough low hanging fruit with local search, longtail keywords, etc., to make a difference within that timeframe.

Why 6-12 months? The goal of all search engines is to display the best results for every query, meaning search results are like a world ranking leaderboard you must climb. Like the analogy, this can take time, as search engines want to ensure your site deserves a top ranking.

How does Google decide what web pages to show?

Google's ranking algorithm runs over 250 rules to display effective search engine results and the right websites on demand. In addition to the website experience, the highest ranking factors surround the relevancy of the website content, and the domain authority.

The bots scan the internet, visiting each website and reading the HTML to understand: 

• The structure 
• The type of content on the site 
• The meaning of the content 
• When it was created/updated.  

Once the scan is complete, they follow internal and external links to find more pages and continue to assess any website changes.

How do I improve my search engine ranking?

You can improve your search ranking by developing your website experience, content or domain authority.

Essentially, the more visitors read, share, and interact with your content, the more chance you have of increasing your search performance. You can use Google Analytics to see what content is currently generating the most traffic, and use the information to form a content strategy.

Another factor Google will assess to determine your quality is the number of backlinks to your website. They inform search engines that your website and content are credible and relevant. It’s important to remember that backlinks are not a numbers game. It's all about quality not quantity.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO includes website and server optimisation to help search engine spiders crawl and index your site more effectively.

On-Page SEO means all the things you can do on your website/content, while off-page SEO naturally means everything beyond it.

Technical search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to the tactics involved in creating and optimising a website so that search engines can readily crawl, index, and render it. Technical SEO is just one piece of the whole SEO puzzle.

The first step in establishing high technical SEO performance is setting up your website correctly so every page functions as it should. The more you meet the needs of search engines, the better chance you have at ranking well in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

One way to ensure that Google has correctly crawled and then indexed your content is to leverage a free Google tool called Google Search Console. Once you create your free account, you can do several things like monitor when a new web page you created is indexed. You can also submit sitemaps, making it easier for Google to identify and correctly catalogue your content.

How does content impact your SEO strategy? 

You can put a lot of time and effort into implementing your SEO strategy, but without quality content, you will never get the most out of it. By creating relevant and useful content, focused on the interests and needs of your audience, you will encourage users to stay on your site longer, return regularly, demonstrating your website quality to Google. And always link pieces of content to other pages within your website, such as other articles, product or service webpages, or downloads like brochures.

In the race to search engine ranking, high-quality content wins. Avoid thin or duplicate content, or content that fails to engage your target audience.

What is HARO link building?

HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out, and is an online platform that connects journalists or bloggers with experts to support content creation. Journalists can improve their content with valuable information from credible sources, and inturn, organisations can gain valuable media coverage from high-traffic website, which is brilliant for SEO.  

To access journalists and bloggers, you can register as a user on the HARO website. The registration includes stating your preferences (areas of knowledge and expertise). You will then receive daily emails from journalists about content and topics related to your chosen areas. Each request will include specific questions requiring answers and parameters any response must meet. Responding involves pitching against other HARO sources, meaning experience of how to answer really helps in the HARO game, as it is often, winner takes all.

"The knowledge, experience, and responsiveness AXD offer make them our perfect marketing partner."
Ruairi Shivers | Director
"We couldn't be happier with the work AXD have delivered for our business."
Andy Morgan | Group CEO
Affinity Group


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