The Battlecard: A secret weapon for sales success


In the competitive world of sales, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. According to the sales enablement platform Seismic, an overwhelming 95% of salespeople crave more sales content.

Enter the sales battlecard - a tactical guide armed with the information your sales team needs to gain a competitive edge. It's a portable cheat sheet loaded with product details, rapid-fire answers, on-the-spot objection handling, competitor insights, unique selling points, and proven sales tactics.

The battlecard is a powerful weapon that arms your sales team with consistent persuasive points, market insights, and tailored responses to make every sales interaction more impactful. It's the ultimate tool to empower your reps with targeted talking points, ensuring they never miss their mark.

What is a sales battlecard?

A sales battlecard is a concise, information-rich document that helps sales reps communicate effectively with prospects. It includes the core elements of a product or service value proposition and focuses on how it stacks against key competitors. The primary purpose of a battlecard is to prepare sales teams with in-depth knowledge and strategies to effectively compete in the market.

In short, the battlecard is the crib sheet that arms your sales crew for victory.

The components of a sales battlecard

  • Value proposition - what makes your offering irresistible in a few concise, compelling statements.
  • Conversation starters - thought-provoking questions to kickstart productive dialogue.
  • Common objections and rebuttals - to tactfully handle any argument and turn objections into opportunities.
  • Solution overview - with the details on functionality, integration, onboarding, support, and everything that brings your solution to life.
  • Competitor overview - a rundown on strengths, weaknesses, and strategic differences between your offering and alternatives.
  • Solution comparison - how you stack up against competitors feature-by-feature and capability-by-capability.
  • Sales tips - for proven approaches, phrases, analogies, and selling best practices tailored to your solution.

The powerful impacts of battlecards

An effective battlecard transforms a sales team from unprepared to battle-ready. The impacts are two-fold:

  • More sales conversations - With quick access to icebreakers, value props, and key talking points, reps can connect with prospects and strategically move discussions forward.
  • More sales conversions - When reps have compelling value props, smart rebuttals, and differentiated solution info, they can confidently position your offering, handle objections, and close more deals.

Battlecards move your sales team from the Wild West into modern, tactical selling. No more shooting from the hip or flying by the seat of your pants - battlecards arm your salesforce with a strategic plan to tackle any sales situation, and the benefits for sales reps include:

  • Laser focus - Battlecards enable sales teams to zero in on each prospect's most compelling competitive advantages. No more wasted efforts on peripheral features.
  • Consolidated intel - Crucial product, pricing, competitor, and objection handling info is centralised for easy access. Reps spend less time scrambling for details.
  • Enemy insights - Detailed competitor profiles give your team a thorough understanding of rival strengths, weaknesses, and strategies.
  • Killer persuasion - By articulating superior value over competitors, battlecards empower reps to convince prospects to buy.
  • Rapid rebuttals - Pre-defined rebuttals transform objections into opportunities to highlight your solution's advantages.
  • Message alignment - Battlecards align messaging across the team to build brand consistency and trust.
  • Accelerated onboarding - New reps get up to speed faster with product info, objections, and selling tips at their fingertips.
  • Tailored engagement - With immediate access to prospect-specific info, reps can personalise their pitch more effectively.
  • Confidence boost - Comprehensive battlecards give reps the knowledge and tools to sell with conviction.
  • Data-driven decisions - Marketing trends, feedback, and analytics help inform smarter selling strategies.
  • Higher productivity - Consolidated information reduces research time so reps can focus on selling activities.
  • Agile adaptations - Regular battlecard updates on market shifts enable reps to pivot strategies quickly.
  • Flexible applications - Cards can be tailored to different products, services, and segments for versatile selling.

What the data says

The effectiveness of sales battlecards is not just anecdotal - it's backed by compelling data:

  • According to the 2021 State of Competitive Intelligence Report by Crayon, 71% of businesses using sales battlecards reported an increase in their win rates, with 93% seeing their win rate boost exceed 20%.

The numbers speak for themselves - battlecards provide a dramatic competitive edge, with the ability to significantly boost win rates when implemented effectively. Equipping your sales team with comprehensive battlecards arms them with a potent strategic advantage to drive deals and improve the bottom line.

How to create your own battlecard

Crafting an impactful battlecard takes thoughtful planning and preparation. An excellent place to start is by holding a workshop with sales and marketing leaders to agree on your value proposition and product differentiators in a compelling, customer-focused way. Next, leverage CRM data and feedback from the sales team to develop thorough competitor profiles and analyse the most recent sales objections and sales loss reasons.

When the information is collated, visually bring the battlecard to life with charts illustrating product capabilities, comparison tables, and images of use cases and results. Keep things concise but comprehensive. Use clear headers, bullet points, and white space for easy reading. Ensure the battlecard is easily accessible via digital format or in printed booklets.

Finally, share the battlecard through training sessions. Get buy-in from sales reps by incorporating their feedback into updates and optimisations. Revisit periodically to refine based on market trends and new competitive threats.

With the right preparation, you can arm your team with a battlecard that drives success:

  • Collaborative workshops with sales leadership
  • Work with marketing on value proposition and messaging
  • Leverage CRM data for competitor insights
  • Review call transcripts for common objections
  • Make it visual and scannable
  • Ensure accessibility in preferred formats
  • Train reps and get buy-in
  • Continually optimise based on feedback

Example Battlecard - Microsoft Azure

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