How to boost website authority


How often do you look past the first page of Google? Rarely? Never?

You're not the only one.


Nearly one in three people click the first link, and 75% never scroll past the first page on a Google search. It's why your business needs (and we mean really needs) to rank on page 1. And to make that happen, you need to know about something called your website’s domain authority score…


What is domain authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine score that predicts how a website will rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). It was developed by software company Moz.


Why is it important?

A domain authority score is one of the best website performance metrics for assessing a site's chance of reaching the first few pages of a search engine.


The domain authority metric identifies what a site is doing right and where it needs to improve.


How is it calculated, and how to check it?

Domain authority is calculated by evaluating 40+ website metrics, including number of site visitors, speed, trust, and the relevance of links. Metrics are combined to give websites domain scores between 1-100.


Google's algorithm doesn't consider domain scores when ranking sites. But if you increase your DA, you will start appearing higher in searches.


What is a good domain authority score?

Domain authority scores between 40 and 50 are considered average. A DA score between 50 and 70 is good to very good. A score of 80+ is excellent.


The best ways to boost website authority

Let's look at how you can improve your website performance and boost that DA score.


Improve your technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to website optimisations. Think of this as the infrastructure that holds up your site, ensuring every page functions as it should It is one of Google's major ranking factors when deciding how high sites should feature on search pages.


So speedup your site by using a faster-hosting service, fix any duplicate content issues, and make your site mobile-friendly. Google's new 'mobile first' approach means sites need to work on mobile devices to rank higher.


Is all this tech speak making your brain hurt? Then don't panic.

You can always reach out to a technical SEO agency. They have the skills and technical SEO tools to evaluate website performance, increase your domain authority, and push you toward the top of Google.


Earn backlinks

Backlinks are hyperlinks included in a blog, article, or web page that take you to different pages related to the content you've just been reading. Google loves content with backlinks. They’re like votes of confidence. Each backlink tells Google the content is valuable and credible.


But backlinking isn't a numbers game. Stuffing content with a high number of links won't fool Google's algorithms. Good backlinking is about high quality links, not quantity.


The best way to earn backlinks to your site is by creating content people want to share and link to. So reach out to any websites, bloggers, influencers, or other companies that could benefit from your expertise or content.


Or let people come to you.

The Help a Reporter Out (HARO) platform connects journalists and bloggers to expert sources. Sign up for an account, and you'll receive daily emails detailing 50,000 journalist queries from highly respected media outlets. These journalists are looking for content to help them tell their stories., If your content is a match, you could find your site backlinked to websites attracting millions of views per month,


Increase your organic traffic

Success breeds success.

Money makes money.

And organic traffic attracts more organic traffic.


It's about how Google ranks websites. Google promotes pages with a higher number of views, which helps them get even more views. And round it goes until sites finally land on that illustrious first page. But how do you pull in that first wave of site visitors?


Pay-per-click(PPC) ads, display advertising, and special promotions will attract more eyeballs. Start guest posting and creating content for other sites related to your services or products. It's a quick and easy hack to reach your target audience directly.


Optimise keyword performance

Keyword optimisation is finding the right keywords and phrases for your content. It's a vital component in paid and organic search strategies.

There are three stages to a good keyword optimisation project:


Research: Finding the right keywords. Look at competitor websites. See what phrases rank highest on Google. Use keyword research or online SEO tools like Moz or Wordstream.


Analysis: Assess your keywords and decide which ones address your customer's desires, needs, queries, or pain points.


Integration: Select keywords to use, then start integrating them into new and existing content.


1000+ 1st page Google hits and counting!

You know how to get higher domain authority, but have you got the time to do it all yourself? Probably not.


So let AXD do it for you.

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