7 ways infographics benefit your B2B sales strategy


The world of sales is complex and competitive. To stand out, sales reps must break the norms and do things a little differently. With every sales Joe sending cold emails, a spot of multimedia or visual content can set your sales communication apart, breaking through the noise, connecting with prospects, and leaving a lasting impression.

Where do infographics sit in all of this?

With low barriers to entry and high rewards, they are the best place to start.

According to Hubspot, 56% of the marketers who regularly use infographics say it is their most effective content type.

All you need to do is build one or get one built. To get started you’ll need a few essential components:

• A clear and concise title.

• Researched statistics, trends, analysis, and messaging subdivided into logical sections.

• Appropriate visuals such as charts, graphs, icons, and illustrations.

• A call-to-action or conclusion to encourage further engagement or action.

How do infographics benefit your B2B sales strategy?

1. Infographics simplify complex information

In B2B sales, effectively conveying complex data and concepts is crucial. Infographics excel in this area by amalgamating visuals like charts, graphs, and illustrations with concise text and statistics. This format capitalises on the brain's innate preference for visuals, which it processes 60,000 times faster than text. This rapid absorption enables infographics to transform intricate information into easily digestible data chunks.

2. Infographics get great engagement

Engagement is key in all forms of sales, and infographics are highly effective in capturing and maintaining reader interest. Content with relevant images and graphical elements, like infographics, receives 94% more views and experiences 650% higher engagement rates versus text-only documentation.

A well-designed infographic invites viewers to explore the content in-depth, leading to more extended engagement and promoting better understanding and information recall. By incorporating compelling visuals and key data points, infographics ensure that your message reaches your audience and resonates with them, making every communication more impactful, from first contact to sales pitch.

3. Infographics demonstrate expertise, building trust and relationships

Establishing authority and trust is essential for successful sales. Infographics can be a powerful tool in demonstrating a company's expertise. By presenting complex data and industry insights in an accessible and visually engaging format, infographics showcase a company's knowledge and understanding of its field. This demonstration of expertise helps build trust with potential clients, providing them with valuable information, building more robust relationships, and opening the door to long-term partnerships.

4. Infographics are incredibly shareable

In the context of B2B sales, the shareability of infographics extends beyond social media and digital platforms to include internal distribution within an organisation. When an infographic resonates with a business professional, they are likely to use it in their research, integrate it into reports, or share it directly with colleagues and managers. This internal circulation is invaluable for penetrating target organisations.

As the infographic spreads within a company, it enhances brand awareness and familiarity, laying the groundwork for positive future sales conversations. The ability of infographics to be easily shared and understood across different levels of a business makes them a powerful tool for increasing visibility and reinforcing your sales message within a target organisation.

5. Infographics support lead generation

Infographics are a versatile and potent tool in B2B lead generation. Their engaging and informative nature makes them excellent for opening doors in sales communication. For instance, incorporating infographics in cold outreach emails can significantly increase the chances of capturing the recipient's attention, leading to higher email open rates and engagement.

Infographics can serve as lead magnets on websites, enticing visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for valuable visual content. They are also effective as follow-up materials in cold-calling campaigns or as attachments in cold or warm sales emails. Their ability to present complex information in an easy-to-understand format makes them particularly useful in initial communications, helping to establish credibility and interest, which are crucial in the early stages of the sales funnel.

6. Infographics power decision-making

In the decision-making process, clarity and understanding are essential. Infographics are powerful tools to present complex data in a simplified and easily digestible format, aiding decision-making. By breaking down intricate information into clear, concise visuals, infographics help potential clients grasp the nuances of your product or service more effectively. This clarity can accelerate the decision-making process, as prospects are better equipped to understand the value proposition and benefits of your offering. The visual representation of data and statistics in infographics allows decision-makers to quickly absorb relevant information, leading to more informed and faster decisions.

7. Infographics improve conversion rates

A critical goal in any sales strategy is to improve conversion rates, and infographics significantly contribute to this. Infographics effectively guide prospects through the sales funnel by enhancing understanding, engagement, and recall of information. The visually engaging nature of infographics helps make readers more receptive to the call to action, whether signing up for a newsletter, downloading a whitepaper, or purchasing. Studies show visuals improve learning and retention by up to 400%. This improved retention means prospects are more likely to remember your brand and the key benefits of your products or services, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Implementing infographics into your B2B sales strategy

Now that we've established the benefits of infographics, let's delve into how you can implement them effectively into your B2B sales strategy.

Choosing the right infographic for your message

Not all infographics are created equal. Choosing the right infographic type that best suits your message is essential. Understanding your message and target audience is crucial, whether it's a process infographic, comparison infographic, or data-driven infographic. By aligning the content and design of your infographics with your sales objectives, you can maximise the impact of your B2B sales strategy.

Best practices for infographic design in B2B sales

Design plays a significant role in the effectiveness of an infographic. When designing infographics for B2B sales, it's important to keep the design clean, visually appealing, and on-brand. Use colours, fonts, and visuals that align with your company's branding to create a cohesive experience for your audience. Additionally, ensure your infographics are mobile-friendly, as many decision-makers access information on smartphones and tablets.

Measuring the success of your infographic strategy

Measuring the success of your infographic strategy is crucial to optimise your B2B sales efforts.  

Key performance indicators for infographic success

Identifying and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) is vital in evaluating the success of your infographic strategy. Some relevant KPIs include the number of shares, likes, and comments your infographics receive, website traffic generated, conversations opened, leads captured, and conversions made. By analysing these metrics, you can gain valuable insights and refine your infographic strategy for better results.

Infographics have become an essential tool in the B2B sales arsenal. They have the power to simplify complex information, enhance engagement, improve communication, and drive sales performance. By incorporating infographics into your B2B sales strategy and implementing them effectively, you can take your sales efforts to the next level. Embrace the power of infographics and experience the many benefits they offer for your B2B sales strategy.

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