US Fintech Leader

The Challenge

A US-based fintech company operating in a niche market faced challenges that hindered its outbound sales effectiveness. The company encountered two primary issues: a low success rate in converting outbound leads and a high customer acquisition cost. Their high-value financial services required a nuanced sales approach to engage a discerning target audience, which traditional sales tactics failed to achieve. This situation underscored the need for a more strategic and effective method to capture the interest of potential clients and convert them into customers.

Our Solution

We developed a customised sales playbook to address the fintech industry's distinct challenges and the company's specific market position. We created their playbook, working closely with their sales leadership unit, which involved discussions and analysis around their target market and sales process. Our solution focused on improving the effectiveness of outbound sales and reducing customer acquisition costs by introducing targeted sales plays and templates. We crafted infographics, solution briefs and helpful guides, each conveying the company's unique value proposition and providing information to support the complex needs of its audience. The strategic plays included in the playbook were designed to give the sales team a clear, actionable framework for engaging prospects, highlighting the value of the fintech's services in a compelling and relevant manner.

The Impact

The implementation of a customised sales playbook had a significant impact on the fintech company's outbound sales performance. In just a few months, the company experienced a 10% increase in the conversion rate of outbound leads, indicating that the strategic sales plays effectively resonated with their target market. Their cost of acquiring new customers decreased, reflecting the efficiency gains from a more focused and strategic sales approach. This strategic shift improved the company's outbound sales performance and contributed to sales growth.

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