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You're a business with great potential, but you don't have the in-house marketing expertise, time or money to hire a top Marketing Director.

It can be tough finding the right marketing consultant who understands your business and what you need, not to mention affording them. Plus, even the most qualified marketing consultants can be frustrating to work with if they don't understand your business or goals.

We are the perfect solution for companies like yours. We provide access to Marketing Directors with experience growing SaaS & tech companies. We'll help you develop a plan, implement it, and track your progress so you can see results.

We've run high-performing marketing functions for over 10 years, generating millions of pounds in revenue. To date, we have supported clients with winning awards, positioning for investment, & achieving record growth.

About Us
Marketing Consultancy

Our Approach


We walk in your shoes

We spend a day in your business understanding your marketing goals, challenges, and opportunities. We perform an audit & work with you to mark your marketing against our marketing framework.


We build the plan

We work closely with your leadership and/or marketing team to design your strategy, objectives, and tactics. We'll follow our proven playbook and get to work on making your marketing market-leading.


We manage the implementation

We work with your business each week, supporting your marketing employees or implementing the plan as your outsourced marketing team. We provide performance updates & board reports giving you marketing expertise & absolute accountability.


We set you up for the long-term

We continually review and analyse progress to goals. We update the marketing strategy, maximise marketing opportunities and plan for long-term, sustainable growth.

Consultancy Services

We offer a monthly subscription service giving you access to the very best marketing leadership.

Marketing Consultancy

Access Marketing Director support & expertise, without the salary

Services include:

• Access to a Virtual Marketing Director
• Copywriting, design, videography services
• Audit, research & marketing planning
• Marketing team management & reporting
• Board attendance & reporting
• Employer brand & recruitment support
• Brand management & development
• Website management & development
• SEO, content, social, and email marketing
• Account-based marketing & sales enablement
• Webinar & event management


Frequently Asked Questions

What will an AXD marketing consultant do?

• Help companies develop their brand story and value proposition
• Create marketing plans, objectives, tactics and targets
• Conduct website audit, analytics reviews and optimisation
• Create and manage marketing budgets and sales forecasts
• Implement the marketing strategy and track progress
• Establish and grow target markets
• Create advertising, PR, and social media campaigns
• Manage external teams including consultants, freelancers, and suppliers
• Hire, train, manage and supervise marketing teams
• Plan and deliver events
• Support the sales team with content/assets
• Attend board meetings and write board reports

Who is it for?

• Companies that can't afford a full-time marketing director
• Companies that don’t want the hassle of recruiting a full-time director
• Companies wanting access to senior marketing experience from someone who knows the SaaS & Tech industry
• Companies wanting board-level experience, monthly board reports and attendance at board meetings
• Companies wanting a specialist that can act as mentor, leader and advisor to the existing marketing team or that can help with recruiting team members
• Companies looking for a cost-effective investment that produces a clear ROI
• Companies looking to achieve business growth
• Companies wanting to make marketing efficiencies and still achieve results

How does it work?

Our Marketing Consultants have set time each week to work with every client. With weekly catchups with team members, they provide support and guidance and drive marketing performance. For Summit level clients, our consultants deliver a monthly board report and attend board meetings.

They have hired and inducted marketing employees and apprentices for clients, supporting their learning and development alongside their training provider. This is an excellent way to build a small marketing team cost-effectively.

Our Consultants speak with clients online or at their offices, depending on the agreement and location.

What are the benefits of working with AXD?

• Time reclamation - Give you back the time to manage your business as we'll take care of marketing
• Save money - Our services are more cost-effective than hiring a full-time marketing leader and you get more for your money
• Director-level marketing expertise - We're sales and marketing experts for anything SaaS and Tech
• AXD V - we have developed a proven marketing playbook to follow to help you grow your business

Where are you based?

We have an office in Manchester's Northern Quarter, and our team is located across the United Kingdom and Isle of Man.

"The knowledge, experience, and responsiveness AXD offer make them our perfect marketing partner."
Ruairi Shivers | Director
"We couldn't be happier with the work AXD have delivered for our business."
Andy Morgan | Group CEO
Affinity Group


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